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Welcome New Officers!

It's the start of the new fraternal year and with it comes the introduction of our new officers. Please give them the support they need to help our council do the good works we are known for.



Grand Knight Steve Bubnes
Deputy Grand Knight Doug Ellis
Chancellor Danny Fader
Recorder Sean Parks
Treasurer Larry Paffi
Advocate Al Darish
Warden Dean Aubry
Inside Guard Lester Komajda
Outside Guard Bill Cassidy
3yr Trustee Dennis Nunnold
2yr Trustee Chuck MacArthur


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New Recruiting Programs

Between April 1st and June 30th if you sponsor:

  • One new member you will receive 1,000 VIP points.
  • Two new members you will receive 2,000 VIP points.
  • Three new members you will receive 6,000 VIP points.
  • Four new members you will receive 8,000 VIP points.

Recruit more than four new members you will receive 8,000 VIP points plus 2,000 VIP points for every new member above four. VIP points can be redeemed for gifts from the Knight's on-line store. See

Council #8500 Supports Our Youth

The Knights of Columbus is a family oriented organization which supports a number of youth activities in the Church of the Holy Spirit parish. Two groups which are sactioned by the KofC Michigan State Council are...

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